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One Brain Integration

One Brain Defusion technique uses precision muscle testing to identify and gently release stress at the age of cause. Past stressors and emotional events can block our present time choices which will affect what we experience in our future. These techniques are also invaluable for identifying and releasing the causes of learning disabilities and dyslexias.

 Uses for One Brain Defusion Technique:

¨ Correcting learning disabilities and dyslexias—permanently

¨ Releasing emotional and physical stress at its cause

¨ Performance enhancement

These conditions are often caused by early traumas which create neurological, electrical or energy blockages in the body. Our past emotional reactions determine much of how we respond to current perceptions.

All emotional or stress-related causes and effects can be released—easily, gently and permanently.


GENTLE                       EFFECTIVE                            RAPID


All techniques used in One Brain Defusion Technique have been tested to 99.9% for effectiveness and accuracy. Defusions are used to treat anxiety, depression, and all stress disorders including early and current abuse issues, eating disorders, weight loss or gain, relationship issues, problems with self-esteem, grief and loss. With the defusion of past stress, the present offers possibilities that create positive future behaviors and experiences.







































Class Descriptions

Tools of the Trade—Our initial course teaches how to remove emotional & physical blockages at the age of cause and on a cellular level of awareness, by using our specific tools. This class includes 3 major personal defusions. No prerequisites!

Basic One Brain/Improved Learning Awareness—Initiates the “One Brain System,” our blueprint for releasing the blocked brain and body energies which impoverish our lives. Deals with Learning Disabilities and Dyslexias (emotional blind spots). Prerequisite: Tools of the Trade

Under the Code—Learn to recognize the 15 key physical indicators that outpicture instinctive patterns of behavior. The emphasis: how to go “under the code” of another’s conditioned Belief System to touch that person’s heart directly while honoring their Truth. This class gives an introduction to the Structure/Function Insight! Prerequisite: Basic One Brain

Advanced One Brain—A workshop focused on identifying and defusing dyslexia’s emotional cause. It adds a powerhouse of advanced skills to the One Brain system. Prerequisite: Under the Code

Louder Than Words—Clear your personal relationships in the light of Structure/Function. An incredibly profound workshop, it gives you the people-perception skills you’ll find only in the One Brain System. Prerequisite: Advanced One Brain

Structural Neurology—This workshop synthesizes and expands on the previous components of the One Brain System. It emphasizes Body Polarity, Meridian Energy, and the defusion of Compulsive Behavior (phobias, addictions, obsessions). Prerequisite: Louder Than Words

Relationships in Jeopardy—Develops self-awareness and freedom from past misperceptions. It is the first of three programs designed to assist Consultant Facilitator Candidates to “get better” personally and professionally. Prerequisite: Structural Neurology

Body Circuits, Pain & Understanding—Combines the basic Three In One body work principles with the interactive fusion (and de-fusion) of muscles, meridians, mind and memory. Focusing specifically on denial and avoidance behavior and how it relates to the muscles and energy flow throughout the body. Prerequisite: Relationships in Jeopardy

Childhood, Sexuality and “Aging”—Is an in-depth examination of how our first seven years has determined the rest of our personal lives—and how to change that pattern for the better. Prerequisite: Body Circuits, Pain & Understanding

Adolescence, Maturity and “Love”—Examines the roots of personal and professional success or failure as determined by our experience during the second and third 7-year cycles of our lives. Some of the issues include Catering To and Seduction and Revenge. Prerequisite: Childhood, Sexuality and “Aging”


One Day Programs

Forgiveness—A highly controversial look at the concept of Forgiveness. This one-day program may surprise you at the beginning, but at the end it certainly will inspire you. The bottom line is personal responsibility for self. No prerequisites!

Allergies—Some of us can make suffering a life work! Many health professionals put their whole emphasis on identifying and alleviating “allergies” and food sensitivities. Remember - ”all allergies and food sensitivities are a subconscious way to punish others and/or yourself.” A fascinating approach to this issue. No prerequisites!

Life Changes—Are you at a pivotal point in your life? This powerful program takes a unique approach to creating an opening with new possibilities in your life by utilizing our greatest assets. This is a great introduction to One Brain Technology. No prerequisites!

MIND-ing Your Business—Getting a handle on the business of your life as well as whatever stops you in your business life. It makes no difference whether we believe our self-doubt comes from what someone else did to us or what we did to ourselves the result is low self-esteem and expectation of failure. This program gives us access to taking responsibility for releasing our self-imposed Victim Status. This is a great introduction to the power of One Brain Technology. No prerequisites!

Weight/Wait 1—Release the issues surrounding why we “weigh” whet we do. Why “wait” any longer? An effective and very interesting approach to healing our relationship with our physical body. No prerequisites!

Weight/Wait 2—an intensive examination of why the Weight/Wait issue “stays on.” We’ll address any additional issues dealing with why we “need” the weight as protection or a barrier, with particular emphasis on the role sexual issues play in keeping our weight on. This course also deals with other food-related issues.

Abundance—We’ve never lacked “abundance,” but maybe we’ve had a negative abundance: low self-esteem, fear, grief or guilt, shame, pain, loneliness, etc. This program will help you to identify and defuse any unpaid emotional debts so you can be free to change the nature of your self-fulfilling prophecies and start creating Positive Abundance in you life now! No prerequisites!