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What does your DNA reveal about your health? Read about a few cutting edge therapies we offer.

Genetic Nutrition, MTHFR and Nutrigenomics

Functional Medicine






























































Text Box: Alternative & Holistic Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit






We strive to offer a wide variety of therapies that have proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of many common (and not so common) ailments.

Our practice is expanding with new treatment options and new therapists who are dedicated to your experience of health.

Check our website frequently for updated information on the classes and lectures we offer.

We also have meeting room and treatment space available for rent. If you are looking for space for your practice or your workshop, contact us about rates.



This holistic form of natural health care is over 200 years old and predates the allopathic “drugs and surgery” approach. It employs specially prepared natural substances, in very small doses, to stimulate the body’s own innate healing abilities. Classical Homeopathy helps us heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. Many people choose Homeopathy as their primary form of health care. It also combines very well with other forms of treatment, conventional as well as alternative.

The Kent Society Homeopathy Study Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Call 502-426-2033 or email Susan for more information .

National Center for Homeopathy

A Basic Guide to Homeopathy


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Genetic Nutrition, MTHFR and Nutrigenomics

It’s remarkable what a painless and inexpensive salvia test can reveal about your health. You can discover if you may have a tendency to develop diabetes, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or another autoimmune condition. One genetic example, MTHFR, can lead to infertility, high blood pressure, depression or even autism. Epigenetics is the science of using nutrition and natural supplements to reduce the influence of these genes.

Genetic nutrition and epigenetics are much more than MTHFR, the methylation cycle and detoxification pathways. Genetic alterations can impair the transportation of vital nutrients and biochemicals, or even prevent the body’s ability to change a nutrient into a useable form. Epigenetics can help us to understand the nutrition and lifestyle changes needed to optimize your health. We recommend the affordable 23andMe test of over 600,000 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism).

We’ll help you to understand your health care genetics and teach you how to restore order and function. This can improve your energy level, mental clarity, immune function, and can minimize the symptoms, and possibly prevent the onset of, chronic disease.


Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine uses a patient-centered approach to address the underlying causes of disease. We take time to review our patient's health history, genetics, diet and lifestyle as these elements impact present and future health. Recommendations are individualized and may include physical medicine, botanic or homeopathic remedies, stress reduction techniques, detoxification, nutrition and carefully selected supplements.

Read about the principles of Functional Medicine here: Functional Medicine Principles


This 100-year old technique of spinal adjusting gently restores the vertebrae to their proper alignment. Vertebral misalignments, or subluxations, impair the function of the nervous system and often produce pain. We use only the most gentle techniques in assisting your body toward health and healing.

Chiropractic treatment is often complemented by massage, exercise and stretching, and nutritional supplementation.

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CranioSacral Therapy

Because of its influence on many body functions, CranioSacral Therapy is being used by a wide range of health care professionals. The therapist’s light, hands-on approach assists the hydraulic forces inherent within the system and self-correction occurs. The process helps rid the mind and body of residual effects of past trauma and associated negative emotional experiences. This technique is extremely useful for scoliosis and after accidents and other injuries.

Upledger Institute

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One Brain Integration

Stress Defusion Technique

One Brain Integration stress defusion technology uses precision muscle testing to identify and gently release stress at the age of cause. Past stressors and emotional events can block our present time choices which will affect what we experience in our future. These techniques are also invaluable for identifying and releasing the causes of learning disabilities and dyslexia. Classes are offered leading to certification in this gentle healing technique.

We offer a once-a-month mini-seminar—a full day’s worth of information packed into a 3-hour class—where you can have your questions answered and experience a defusion for yourself. There is a $30 fee for these mini-seminars and we do request reservations. Please call Sherry at 502-426-2033 to let her know you’ll be attending.

Steve Pollock

Three in One Concepts

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Reiki was practiced by Buddhist monks in Tibet more than 2500 years go, and was rediscovered by theologian Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s. Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy. It accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to the causes of diseases and pain, the necessity for taking responsibility for one’s own life and the joys of balanced wellness. The client is fully clothed during the 45 to 90 minute session and loose and comfortable clothes are recommended. We also offer training leading to certification in Reiki.

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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is an important and proven component of mind/body fitness. This hands-on therapy can be used to reduce stress, soothe aches and pains, and to facilitate the body’s own healing powers. Massage is beneficial for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Any person, now matter their level of fitness or health, will benefit from its effects. You have one body—care for it, nurture it, treasure it!

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An individual nutrition program based on you health needs and lifestyle will include healthy, flexible guidelines that you can incorporate into your schedule. An emphasis is placed on preventive health care and alleviating symptoms by using dietary modification and all natural food-grade supplements. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets can be accommodated.

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Herbal remedies can be specially blended for the individual patient. They are designed not only for the relief of present symptoms, but also for the improvement in immunity and general health. It is widely accepted that herbalism was the first form of medicine, and even today, herbal preparations can take the place of some over-the-counter and prescription drugs. During a consultation, additional information can be provided about aromatherapy and flower essences.

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Regression Therapy

Regression therapy can be used to explore our connection to the past to see how distant influences are affecting our lives in the present. A gentle state of relaxation is induced, and we are guided to search through incidents and relationships from present and past lives. In the light of this information, we can be assisted in resolving relationship issues, understanding our life direction, and even improving health complaints. This is a wonderful technique for self awareness and understanding.

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Hypnosis as a healing modality is most effective for addictions (tobacco, drugs, food) and for conditions which have an emotional overlay such as high blood pressure, asthma, migraine, insomnia and digestive tract complaints. With hypnosis, a gentle and relaxing alpha state is induced which allows the mind to receive direct positive suggestions to facilitate change.

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